person Henry Brown, one poem

Henry Brown is a student and activist from Austin, Texas currently involved with the Democratic Socialists of America at Carleton College, where he is a junior-year Religion major/Spanish minor. He has previously published poetry in Wax Poetry & Art’s Eleventh Transmission and has a poem forthcoming in Bitchin’ Kitsch.

Instagram: @henry_d_brown



weight of a water-wheel, filling and spinning
                    pinning down for good me &
the old priest with his bucket

one milligram and half, twice daily with food
                    strewed across the laundry room: urgent!
sins of a nation left between pairs of socks

fifty milligrams at night, dead priest sidles off somewhere
                    are you there? i thought i could cry out
each soft-shadow glance at your face

were we there? keep it down! milligram and a half!
                    now laugh! caged cockatiel keeps count on the perch
of every ghost here that burns the roof of your mouth

repent, repent, repent


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