hooked through – poems – Sara Moore Wagner

hooked through
poems by Sara Moore Wagner
Five Oaks Press, 2017

to not die is what I mean. – {from} I Have No Love For Images


It was snowing. My teeth had vanished. I held this, hooked through, by Sara Moore Wagner. I read it then

and heard it when it said that death won’t keep still

and believed it when it suggested that maybe a school of fish is the tattooed decoy of pain’s removal

and I prayed humanly when its verse prodded objectification to give gulf its weight in animal.

Wagner is a poet who brings to her language the gift of both legend and locality. Instead of gutting one story to stomach another, she foregoes image worship and rewrites the ghosted psalm.


When we die, someone might
notice our grave and stare out
into the vastness – {from} Cattleheart Complex or Rebirth


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:
Hooked Through–Sara Wagner

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