person Stacy Cremer, one poem

Stacy Cremer is a seventeen year old queer poet from Pennsylvania. More of her work and of her social media pages can be found at


the patron saint of broken glass and melodrama

i think i left myself somewhere in the
ebb and flow of december’s hesitance
back when your hot breath on my neck offset
the taste of bitter winter on my tongue-
speaking in and/or of tongues, i’m glad yours
was the birthplace of my first taste of jack
and coke (wonder what you’d think of these lines)
but i digress. when you were undressing
to impress, i think i left myself in
your sister’s bedroom mirror. oh my god
i think i left myself somewhere in the
space between your neck and left clavicle-
i had hoped the freckle constellations
smattering your chest would help guide my way
home but somehow polaris is missing,
the light from the bridges we burned isn’t
helping one bit, and i’m suspecting that
the stars i wish on are just satellites.
pennies, dandelions, and eyelashes are
useless- i think i left myself with you