KNOCK – poems – Melissa Atkinson Mercer

poems, Melissa Atkinson Mercer
Half Mystic Press, 2018


‘…a mirror covered by a bright cloth.’ – {from} too emphatic,

‘Like me, already like me, all burial, all mask.’ – {from} hush now & heed:

As if named by, or for, a shape, Melissa Atkinson Mercer’s Knock extracts myth from the clinically elusive and gives oath an otherness that is unanswerable and local. Ritual is not routine, here, and voice not theft. With creatures unperceived by human brevity, Mercer not only honors the bodies that move from story to story but grants the before-life of their speaking an expanse in which to lead footprint by the mouth away from tightrope’s shadow. A stilling testimony of mobile cessations, Knock is exit music for silence.


reflection by Barton Smock


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