person Brian Glaser, one poem

Brian Glaser has published two books of poems, The Sacred Heart and All the Hills. He has published many essays on poetry and poetics and he is an associate professor of English at Chapman University in Orange, California.



someone’s a wren
tugging at the sun;

the fire’s throat
on the last lectern—

added to them
just in time

—night newborn,
you will say maybe—

the spirit of a magnet
against the spirit

of the rain—

irrational as a number
in the garden—

your second beard,
the literal meaning

of the four
memories at once—

what the leafless trees add
is nothing

to the tally of whiteness—

her genius
harasses like the wind;

death’s creek—
a broken doorbell—

darkroom of a deacon—

the exultant slide to the corner
of the pitch—

dark energy,
a mass,—

Cherry Garcia—
save me some,

I will lick it happily
from your knuckle—