{ As One Fire Consumes Another – poems – John Sibley Williams }

As One Fire Consumes Another
poems, John Sibley Williams
Orison Books, 2019


John Sibley Williams is a poet who seemingly writes from memory those invisible psalms that cast language as a font and word as the codename of one who’s kept a diary of the search for yours.  As such, the collection As One Fire Consumes Another knows what to say after it says it while liberating from footnote how the old might guide the current into outlining those shapes bent on being dumbstruck by the new .  No findable thing need make a sound and the already lit won’t court what glows. No toy beast misses its childhood master and if a pin drops it is heard only by the late soul who’s left tapping on  a calculator in the shadow of a cross.  Both instructional and sudden, intentional and evoked, these irreplaceably devoured poems gain ground in heaven by way of their broken earth and airbrush with a slow permanence the godspeed our yearning squanders.

reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

As One Fire Consumes Another, poems by John Sibley Williams