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CONTRIBUTORS, volume first:

Jon Cone
Adam Hughes
Leanne Drapeau
Agnieszka Mauch
Amelia Kester
Brian Dawson
Ed Churchouse
Jill Chan
Arvind Joshi
Gayle McCreery
Robert Okaji
Kelli Allen
Daniel Paul Marshall
Charlotte Hamrick
Nicholas Christian
Tim Miller

volume first, January 2018, is available here:


CONTRIBUTORS, volume second:

Darren C Demaree
Eleanor Gray
Heather Minette
Gillian Prew
Billy Burgos
Ion Corcos
Corey Mesler
L. Ward Abel
Alex Hoshor
Sara Moore Wagner
Tara Isabel Zambrano
Rae Hoffman Jager
Caroline Plasket
Sophia Naz
Heather Knox
Marisol Baca
Yesenia Montilla
RA Washington

volume second, March 2018, is available here:


CONTRIBUTORS, volume third:

Alexis Rhone Fancher
Tony Gloeggler
Francine Witte
Ace Boggess
Ellaraine Lockie
Donna Snyder
Sravani singampalli
Jon Cone
Donora A. Rihn & Andrew Rihn
K Taylor
Grace Marie Grafton
Matt Dennison
Jennifer van Alstyne
Luke J. Johnson
Tresha Faye Haefner
Andrena Zawinski
Michele Leavitt
Tom Snarsky
Vasilina Orlova
Rishitha Shetty
Crystal Stone
Howie Good
J. J. Steinfeld
Jessica Purdy
John Grey
Paul Koniecki
Tim Kahl
Andrew Kozma
Jim Zola
Jessica Dawson
Michael J. Carter
Barbara Turney Wieland
Tara Ballard
Maayan Avery
Mark J. Mitchell
Hibah Shabkhez
Amy Soricelli
Fin Sorrel
Lucy M. Logsdon
Lauren Scharhag
Aaron Belz
Natalie Crick
Jan Steckel
Danielle Hanson
Sarah Sarai

volume third, April 2018, is available here:


CONTRIBUTORS, volume fourth:

Marjorie Thomsen
Robert Knox
Robyn Brooks
G.B. Ryan
Lana Bella
stephanie Roberts
Asante Keron Hamid
M. Carmen Lane
Lee Nash
Arushi Singh
Devon Balwit
Grace Marie Grafton
Holly Lyn Walrath
Chris Shorne
Clara Burghelea
Lydia Renfro
Michelle Bermudez
Laura Del Col Brown
Jenny Sadre-Orafai
Susannah Nevison and Molly McCully Brown
Rus Khomutoff
Stephanie L. Harper
Rita Anderson
Rosemarie Dombrowski
Rebecca Ruth Gould
Margarita Serafimova
Nicole Melchionda
Lauren Brazeal
Chella Courington
Natalie Mulford
Carl Boon
Barbara Fant
I.V. Katen
Peter Twal
Dana Alsamsam
Triin Paja
Kerry Trautman
Rax King

volume fourth, July 2018, is available here:


CONTRIBUTORS, volume fifth (to print late August, early September 2018):

Amy Soricelli

Kristin Garth

Kat Giordano

Nadia Wolnisty

Rebecca Kokitus

Cathryn Shea

James Diaz

Alicia Cole

Suzanne Edison

Donna Vorreyer

Elijah Tomaszewski

Lucy Harlow

Wanda Deglane

Matt Morris

Linzi Garcia

Holly Lyn Walrath

Phoebe Wagner

Jason Ryberg

Natasha Kochicheril Moni

Marisa Crane


Simon Henry Stein

Erik Fuhrer


6/15/18 release announcement for Heather Minette’s Half Light:

We at {isacoustic*} have yet to find our way, but we are humbled and happy to release and announce the publication of Half Light by Heather Minette. Please consider getting a copy…it is such a great book. I believe in it like I believe in belief.

You can get it here:

review of Heather Minette’s Half Light by George Salis:

review of Heather Minette’s Half Light by Sara Moore Wagner:

review of Heather Minette’s Half Light by Crystal Stone:

Half Light release announcement ;



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