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3/11/19 NOTE:

am placing submissions on hold, point forward, for the moment as I step away from this endeavor for a few months in order to get caught up in general, and to get previous volumes mailed while compiling volume sixth.

upon returning, there will be some changes to what {isacoustic*} puts into the world, and to how it goes about doing so.



submit no more than [7] pieces (poems)/(poems in translation) to:

/poems can be in the body of the email or attached, in one file, as PDF, doc, docx

//include a brief and non-clever bio


payment for a selected submission is 15.00, or author can choose instead to receive the self-published volume of {isacoustic*} in which said work will appear

/payment will be made within two to three months of the posting /we pay via PayPal /all mailings are handled and all payments are made by myself, Barton Smock, only…so if I’m behind, I’ll try to let you know

//previously published and simultaneous submissions are okay

///response time is 7 days ///please inquire if that time passes (without) ///response time for second+ submissions, whether the author was previously accepted or not, is two to three weeks, and will not be read by myself (Barton Smock) but by revolving editors only

////if not accepted, wait a month before submitting again

noteresubmitting is not advisable if one is doing so to lecture us on what is a fit for our site.  that is not resubmitting, that is bullying.


approx every three months, the editors will self-publish a volume of the poems posted in those months. contributors who’ve chosen to receive the volume and who’ve provided a physical address will receive a hard copy.  PDF available upon request.


what the editors are looking for:

image-based absence.

/structurally sound offhandedness.

//unreliable clarity.


what the editors are not looking for:

/misogyny and co.

//empty objectification.  toward, or of, the body.  toward, or of, the spirit.



poet and person, as in twice genuine…Trish Hopkinson did some asking after {isacoustic*} here:

PAYING/NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – Isacoustic, DEADLINE: Open year-round


if you are a former contributor, and have publication news, such as a new book or a poem or an interview…let us know at so we can share and promote and celebrate.  we try to pay attention, but being a staff of one and sometimes three…we do miss some holy things.