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as of 12/7/20:

For submissions, [isacoustic*] is on an indefinite hiatus.


6/6/19 NOTE:

for whose body is mine a clue. sometimes I ask. yesterday I had a panic attack. not out of, but yanked into, the blue. up all night with all the ways my children might die. in reading others, I feel often that I’ve ruined another’s writing. loneliness and its quest to be an imposition. I hope it gets there.

I wrote this, previously: I am from the future. I miss you.

anyway, while working to change some of what {isacoustic*} does, or offers, I’ve decided to open submissions again. however, {isacoustic*} is not currently, as it was once, a paying market. it will be again. but not, now.



submit no more than [7] pieces (poems)/(poems in translation) to:

short stories and flash fiction can be submitted as well, up to [3] pieces

we also accept reviews of poetry, both chapbook and full-length

/poems & reviews & other can be in the body of the email or attached, in one file, as PDF, doc, docx

//include a brief and non-clever bio

//previously published and simultaneous submissions are okay

///response time is 7 days for poetry ///three to four weeks for all other ///please inquire if that time passes (without) ///response time for second+ submissions, whether the author was previously accepted or not, is two to three weeks, and will not be read by myself (Barton Smock) but by revolving editors only

////whether accepted or not accepted, wait a month before submitting again

noteresubmitting is not advisable if one is doing so to lecture us on what is a fit for our site.  that is not resubmitting, that is bullying.


what the editors are looking for:

image-based absence.

/structurally sound offhandedness.

//unreliable clarity.


what the editors are not looking for:

/misogyny and co.

//empty objectification.  toward, or of, the body.  toward, or of, the spirit.



if you are a former contributor, and have publication news, such as a new book or a poem or an interview…let us know at so we can share and promote and celebrate.  we try to pay attention, but we do miss some holy things.