person Trivarna Hariharan, two poems

Trivarna Hariharan is a writer and pianist based in India. She has studied English Literature at Delhi University, and the University of Cambridge. Her poetry collection, There Was Once A River Here was published by Les Editions du Zaporogue. A Pushcart-prize nominee, her poems have been published in Entropy, Front Porch, Noble/Gas Quarterly, Right Hand Pointing, and others.


Night Lullaby

From the top
of a two-storeyed house,
a woman hums some
half-darkened song.
She sings it with the fluency
of a soap cloth mopping
the floor. (Round and
round, its fabric unfurls
as flower petals.)
From the window,
her voice cuts the air
like a burnt willow.

Here is a new kind of blues.

A woman washing away
a house’s grief
while cooing her baby
to sleep.



Wind swept leaves––
the memory of mother
combing my hair


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